Strategy corner kicks for the favourite

Strategy corner kicks for the favourite

Do you like betting on corners? Today we are about to present you with a remarkable strategy we have tried multiple times. It’s been proven before – it works. It could win you a significant amount of money, but it requires some patience and discipline as well.

It’s all about football games in which we have a particular situation – the better team is behind in the scoreline, and this team just doesn’t stop attacking. You must aim for a situation like this, and you should aim for the timeline around the 50th or the 60th minute of the game. In the best possible scenario, the favorite in the match would be one goal behind.

This is the moment when we start looking at the different corner kick markets. Let’s say we have a situation like this: we have a 5-2 or 5-3 score regarding the corner kicks. Because the favorite team is behind, we start to expect that this team will attack all of the time. As you may suggest, these attacks are going to lead to multiple corner kicks in this team’s favor.

At this moment, we start looking: First team to reach 9 corner kicks, for example. Depending on the team, the game, the time, and some other factors, odds could be different. Most of the time, though, these odds would be between 1.44 and 1.80. You pick the team which is behind in the scoreline, and you’re ready to go. You’d be amazed by how much success you would have in the long term.

Important note! You must be betting only on teams that are behind in the scoreline. These teams must be favorites in the match as well. Remember this – we are not betting on all corner kicks at the game; we are betting on corner kicks for one particular team in the match.

It’s for the best to have as much time until the end of the game as possible. Try to play in a line where you have between 3 and 5 remaining corner kicks. That’s when you’d have enough time to cover the line. Good luck!