Strategy for a 4+ odds Over/Under Goals combo

Now it’s the moment to reveal to you a very simple but yet very effective betting strategy. It’s a strategy that is based on looking for goals. We recommend you to watch the game live on TV or by streaming for the most significant success possible. You must see what’s happening on the pitch to make the best possible prediction. We believe it’s best to pick games from the best leagues where we have a fast dynamic football and many goals being scored.


The most crucial time of the game is after the 85th minute – this is the window in which we will put our stakes. We are looking for a match with one goal difference – 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, or something like this. Here’s the main idea: the team behind must focus entirely on the attack and risk everything to score an equalizing goal. But as it happens all of the time, this means more free space for the other team, which could strike on counter-attack.


Here’s our simple betting strategy: we look for a dynamic game with one goal difference between the two teams. It must be at least the 85th minute of the match. We pick the One More Goal stake, and we should have at least 4.00 odds for it. In some cases, it could go up to 5.00 or even 6.00. Then we make our bet. You’d be surprised in how many games you’d see late goals, which would bring us significant profit.


Attention! If you want to have a really great profit with this betting strategy, you must do entirely what we told you, and you must follow the criteria. This is how you’d have the highest possible success rate with this strategy. Don’t try betting on basically every game that’s being played – you are going to regret this.