Strategy for a corner kicks and their Asian Line

In this article, we will present you with a betting strategy that is a little bit different from what you usually read at websites like this. As you can easily understand from the headlines, we are going to bet on corner kicks and their Asian line.


We will make our bets live, so we recommend you to watch the games if this is possible in your case. You can do it on the TV or via streaming in most cases.


What you have to do? Pick a game in which you have two quality teams who usually use the flanks when they attack. Let’s say we are at the 86th minute of the match. We have 9 corner kicks in the game so far. When we have a line of Asian Corners 10 with odds of at least 1.80 or 1.90, we strike and place our bet! It’s done!


What we must do now is wait for the corner kicks. We have tried this betting strategy in more than one hundred football games, and we are still using it for a substantial profit. You will see by yourself that if you pick your matches well enough, you would have at least one corner kick in 50% of the cases. In this case, you’d have your stake money back to your account. But if you have two or more corner kicks, you’d be enjoying some high income. That’s the whole idea of this betting strategy – to secure a good profit with some high odds.


In just 10% of the games, we wouldn’t have enough luck, and we will lose our stake. But as you could calculate for yourself, you’d enjoy some high income if you keep your discipline and you’re patient enough.


We wish you good luck, and we hope you’d have some great success with this betting strategy.