Strategy losing Asian handicap

Strategy losing Asian handicap

Our team will present you with a long-term working plan for the Asian handicap in today’s strategy about betting. What’s unique about this strategy is that we are using it primarily in a moment of dependence. Is this strategy working? Yes. Our team had proven it by trying it in literally hundreds of different football games.

As we have mentioned before in other strategy guides, bookies are always very well prepared about Asian handicaps and Asian goal lines. Their odds in almost every situation could give us a good idea about a game’s eventual outcome. Don’t forget that there are lots of people who work for a particular bookie. These people are following closely the teams 24/7. They know about everything – news, injuries, suspensions, other bookies’ odds and they have well-prepared mathematicians to configure the odds. That’s why when the bookie declares the Asian handicap odds, it’s the most normal thing to consider it 50/50 in the long term. That’s precisely what we use in our favor and what you can use in yours.

We recommend you to use this strategy only when it comes to the biggest European leagues because this is where you have the best balance between the teams. This strategy is really simple, but at the same time – effective. Right now, we will use the services of the website because this is where you can find all the stats you need for Asian handicap. We are talking here about each one of the teams.

Here’s our idea: Let’s take a look at the English Premier League. We open the website mentioned above, and we take a look at each one of the teams’ Asian handicap. Let’s pretend that Aston Villa has won their last two Asian handicaps. It means we are not considering this team anymore.

Here’s the moment to remind you that a successful Asian handicap and a lost football game are two different things in most cases. Let’s assume that in the previous round Aston Villa have faced Manchester City. The handicap was +1.5 for Villa, but the game ended with a 1-2 result. Aston Villa lost this game, but they have won with +0.5 their Asian handicap. This is just one example for the people who are new to football betting.

What we keep doing here is manually exploring each one of the teams and their last matches + Asian handicaps. Let’s pretend we are having a look at Tottenham Hotspur. What we see is they have lost their previous three Asian handicaps according to the respective lines. Now this team has our attention. The next time when Tottenham plays, we will make a bet on them. It doesn’t matter if their Asian handicap is positive or negative. According to our method, we are now expecting to see Tottenham winning their Asian handicap because of this simple rule – bookies are 50/50 in the long term. If Tottenham does not win this handicap and lose it for a 4th consecutive time, we will keep looking for it even if we have to increase our stake. Why is that? Because sooner or later, we are going to win.

Keep the rule for each one of the teams in the big European leagues. Distribute your money in the right way and aim for a long term profit from betting on Asian handicaps.