Time of the next goal betting strategy

Hi there! Today we will present you with a betting strategy, which is very precious for our team. Why is that? Because we have enjoyed a lot of profit using it. The strategy is very simple, and it’s entirely based on statistics. What you need here is pretty straightforward – you just need teams who know how to score goals. And a bookie who can provide you with this option.


How do we choose the game we would like to bet on? Our first criteria is to look for matches where you’d have at least 2.5 or 3.0 odds for Asian Goal Line. In this way, the bookies tell us that they are expecting some goals in a particular game. As you may know, they are always well prepared for what’s about to come.


You have to be prepared as well, so let us help you. Take a look at the team that is a favorite and research how many 0-0 games they had in the previous season. We believe it would be no more than three. If this criteria is covered, then we can bookmark these games and wait for the start.


Let’s get to the action! The game starts and what we need is the lack of goals until the 20th minute. If this is done, then we are moving to the basis of football betting. We bet 10 euro for a first goal before the 40th minute. What you need are odds of at least 1.90 or 2.00. If there’s a goal until the 40th minute, then we’re done with this game. We have 10 euros of clear profit, and we move to the next match.


But what about if there are no goals until the 40th minute? Then we double our stake, and we bet 20 euro. Our bet is looking for a first goal until the 60th minute, and we have odds around 2.00. If there’s a goal, then what happens? We have invested 10+20 euros or 30 euros in total. The bet is successful, so we have an income of 20 x 2.00, which makes 40 euros. Or simply said, we have another 10 euros of clear profit. Then we move again to the next game.


If there’s no goal until the 60th minute of the match, we do the same thing, and we look for a goal until the 80th minute. This time we invest a 40 euros stake. If there’s a goal, we get back all of the invested money, and we make 10 euros of profit again.


Attention! If we have really bad luck and there are no goals, we will register a loss of 70 euros (10+20+40 euros). What can we do then? We leave our emotions behind, and we keep going! If you’re doing what we told you, we guarantee you some really insignificant losses in the long term. You will be enjoying a profit. We can advise you to prepare with a more significant bank because you’d be playing several games at the same time in certain situations.